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Zoë Porter
Zoë Luna Dreadlocks (UK) 

I would definitely recommend the Synthetic Dreadlock Sylist course with Dreadshop to anyone considering it! Although I was already making dreads before starting the course I would class it as being the best business decision I made so far.

The course was high quality and professional and definitely exceeded all of my expectations, delivering knowledge on making Dreadlocks, installing dreadlocks, and the business side of being a Synthetic Dreadlock Artist.

I signed up to the course because I wanted to perfect my craft but also because I wanted to achieve a more consistent diary of orders. This has already happened and I am usually fully booked 2 months in advance now. I also wanted to learn some techniques I didn't previously feel comfortable in offering, such as ombre dreads, longer extended dreads, and blunt ends. I learned all of this and more!

My main concern before committing to the course was the financial investment and if it was going to be affordable for me. However, I actually exceeded the guarantee of being able to make this investment back within 12 months, and managed to do it even before the end of the course.


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Learn Step by Step

In the online video environment we will guide you step by step in becoming a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist.

When you have followed this course you are a real professional!

You can follow the Course in your own scheduled time as we have no scheduled classes. Plan around 8-16 hours per week for the Course.

You will be part of a Group students from all around the world and create amazing business friendships!

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Zarah Anliot
Dread Vibez - Dreadlock Studio (USA)  

I used to wear synthetic dreadlocks while waiting to get my permanent locks, and I loved them.
After I finished my previous dreadlock education and I did a couple of synthetic installs on other people, I quickly realized there was more to the story than to just braid them in. That is when and why I signed up for Dreadshops Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course.
I wanted to offer the absolute best service to my clients and take my creative work to the next level. And that is indeed what I have done! Dreadshop has taught me a lot of details that makes the biggest difference. It is a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to start thinking like a professional dreadlock stylist. It gives you the tools to do the work.
And believe me, it’s a lot of work! But it is so worth it, and the reward? The reward is game changing!
- Zarah

Do you also wanna become a Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist?

Let us guide you!

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You will learn:

• Planning, Mission, Vision
• Set up your Salon / Workspace
• How to care for Synthetic Dreads
• How to make Perfect Synthetic Dreadlocks
• Which Materials to use
• How to make Ombre Dreads
• How to profesional install Synthetic Dreads
• How to take out Synthetic Dreads
• Give a professional client experience
• Photography
• Set your prices
• Grow yourself
• Bonuses

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