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Decorating your Dreads is so much fun!

How much fun is it to decorate your Dreads! There are so many different ways to decorate your Dreads! We use different types of yarn, charms and beads to create an amazing Dreadlock Accent Set! All the materials are available in our webshop!

I've got a lot to show you

My name is Renate. A full time allround Dreadlock Specialist and I teach! 

What you will learn:

- Step by step guidance in 6 different ways of decorating your dreads
- Professional explanation of how exactly use these techniques
- Learn how to decorate with different types of yarn
- Learn how to add charms on a professional way
- Adding beads
- Completely create your own Accent Set with professional guidance!

Warning: Creativity with Dreadlocks can be addictive!


Free acces to this Course witch purchasing the materials!

When you purchase the materials to create an Accent Set on my webshop, you'll get free access to this Course!

Not only will you have the right materials, they're also of the best quality! And they suit the Course exactly!

See you there!

-X- Renate


Create your own Accent Set with my step by step video tutorials!

Making a Synthetic Dreadlock Accent Set might look simple, but make a high professional long lasting set with different techniques needs knowledge! I'm showing you step by step, in 10 video's, exactly what you need to do to create your own perfect Accent Set!
When you follow me, step by step, you'll be able to make your own Accent Set on a professional level!

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