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Decorating your Dreads is so much fun!

How much fun is it to decorate your Dreads! A Hairwrap is a super fun accessory that can easily be attached to your Dreads! And also easily can be removed. Make yourself a Hairwrap in your own style and completely by yourself! Unique and handmade by you!

I've got a lot to show you

My name is Renate. A full time allround Dreadlock Specialist and I teach! 

Create your own Hairwrap with my step by step video tutorials!

Making a Hairwrap might look simple, but make a high professional long lasting Hairwrap needs knowledge! I'm showing you step by step, in 10 video's, exactly what you need to do to create your own perfect Hairwrap!
When you follow me, step by step, you'll be able to make your own Hairwrap on a professional level!

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