Dreadlock Photography,
Branding & Marketing

Show off your professional work on a professional way! 


Are you? 

A Professional Dreadlock Stylist (to be) 

Are you?

Having happy clients but finding it hard to find new ones? 

Are you?

Struggling with showing yourself and your work off on Social Media?  

Sign up for this unique opportunity and get professional tips and tricks completely focussed on your Dreadlock Business!

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Are you? 

Loving your work and your clients, but you don't know how to brand your business. 

Are you?

Insecure about how you can create the most amazing photos that are unique and totally your style.

Are you?

Already familiar with Dreads, but you want to optimize and improve your marketing skills.

Are you?

Finding it extra exciting in uncertain times like these whether you will 'make it' with your business, but you are determined to do everything you can to achieve your goal.

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You'll get 


  • After this online course you will have the foundation for your Photography, Branding & Marketing. You have a lot of valuable information that you can use to attract your clients.

  • Emilie will take you along in finding the style that suits you and your business the most! 

  • Tons of practical tips on how to make the best (before and after) photos. How to create Reels and videos for your Social Media and how to grow your Social Media.

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You'll get

  • Personal tips and trick from Emilie. She has grown her Instagram account to over 100K followers!
  • Guidance into finding and creating your own branding.
  • Emilie shows you how she makes, edits and plans her content.
  • Find your own style and branding and attract the right type of clients!

YES! I want to start!

Dreadlock Photography,
Branding & Marketing 

Our newest online course is created by Emilie. In this course she takes you along in Photography, Branding & Marketing. 

Not just a general course but very detailed about Dreadlock work, Dreadlock clients and a Dreadlock business!

It will be very helpful for your Dreadlock business!

This course is only suitable for you if:

  • Decisive and ambitious are two words that describe you well
  • You want to take your business to the next level
  • You want to create a style and branding for your business that are totally you and is unique

What will the Course bring you?

After this online course you will have the foundation for your own style and branding. You have a lot of valuable information that you can use to attract your clients.

Your branding will be unique and totally you. Clients will recognize your style. This way you will attract the clients that suit you and your style!

Your business will become a brand and it will be more professional. Just like the work you do!

Your photography will be easier to do, it will be integrated in your work process and you'll notice that you will not like photography and social media, but you'll LOVE it! 

Our Method 

Dreadshop's branding has always been unique. But since Emilie has joined our team, she took it to the next level.

Together we created plans and work processes to get here.

We have combined our years of experience and have put all our knowledge into this course for you.

In this course we will explain all of this into detail!

About Emilie

Emilie is Dreadshop's content creator and very experienced with Social Media as well, growing her account to over 100K followers shows that she knows about this very well ;)

Emilie started as a model for Dreadshop and she still loves to do that.

During her Photography study she did her final internship at Dreadshop.

Now, a few years later, as a professional photographer, Emilie is responsible for Dreadshop's Photography, Branding & Marketing.

About Renate

Working with Dreads is my passion and my life work! After 20+ years in this field it's not just my mission to make this work a recognized profession, but also to be able to make good money with it!

My vision is to create a worldwide network of Professional Dreadlock Stylists which offer the highest quality products and services on the market.

I want to make the world better by working with sustainable brands and work with chemical free products for my clients. In 2019 I've developed my own Renate's Locks of Love. Dreads that are endlessly reusable and of the best quality!

-X- Renate 

Meet Dreadshop  

Learn from the best and experience the highest quality in the market.

- World's largest Dreadlock business!
- 20+ years of experience
- 10+ years Worldwide Market Leader
- #1 Academy for Dreadlock Stylists
- We created the First Worldwide Workation for locticians ever!
- Proven and successful overseas business experience 
- Our network becomes your network!
- Tons of Social proof, just checkout our Google review rating!
- Meet likeminded colleagues and create lifelong business friendships

What if I tell you there is another way?

You can keep trying, you can watch even more Youtube videos, you can read different books or download freebies.

I can tell you that in 3 months you will still be in this tight situation.
Or you can set the foundation of your company right in one go, so that you can realize your limitless ambitions.

I know my clients and I know you're thinking "I'll be back as soon as I have more money to spend". Realize that this is the biggest pitfall of every business owner. 

We've paved the way for you! This course is completely dedicated to your Dreadlock business wishes!

Dreadshop is one of the largest Dreadlock business in the World. If you came this far reading, you must be attracted to our branding ;). So let's do the same for your business!

What if I tell you that with the right branding and marketing you'll be able to earn more (and easier) money?

So now you actually have two choices: either you continue with what you are doing now and you realize in three months that you are still in the same circle of working hard and earning little or you invest in my online course in which you can be guided by us. We've already walked the path, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I don't have to tell you that this is the fastest route to success :)
Let us help you!
If we start working together, we will teach you the proven successful strategies.

What does the online  course look like?


  • 7¬†professional videos in which we show you into detail¬†everything you need to know to be successful in this industry.¬†
  • 1 year of¬†access to the course.
  • Homework to sent. Get personal feedback!
  • Build your brand with Emilie! Photography and marketing tips that will help you to stand out!
  • Follow the course in your own time!¬†¬†

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