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5 Valuable Tips to Maintain your Real Dreads

You love your Dreads and you want to take care of them the best way you can! With my 20 years experience, I gained these 5 most important tips for you to maintain your Dreads the best way!

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Having difficulties in maintaining your Dreads?

On the internet is plenty of information you can find about making and maintaining Dreads. But which method works the best on your Dreadlocks?

We've seen so many clients ruining their Dreads after watching YouTube videos. Mostly we're able to solve this in our Salon, but it would be even better to prevent those mistakes! With the right information and the right tips, tricks and tools, you will be able to maintain your Dreadlocks on a professional way!

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Learn Step by Step

In the online video environment we will guide you step by step in how to maintain your own Dreads.

When you have followed this course you know which tools to use, you can do maintenance on your roots, loops, bumps, work away loose hair and even working on the back of your head is not a problem anymore!

And most importantly, you are able to do the maintenance on your dreads completely by yourself!

Do you also wanna maintain your own Real Dreadlocks?

Let us guide you!

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You will learn:

- Which tools to use
- How to use these tools
- Maintaining your roots
- Work away loose hair
- Work away Loops and Bumps
- Tips to work at the back of your head

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