Level up your Dreadlock Salon! 

And grow beyond €/$100K revenue!



Are you? 

An allround, ambitious Dreadlock Stylist but done with long working days? 

Are you?

Ready to go to the next level in your business? 

Are you?

Doing Dreads for a while now and you know your skills and loyalty to your clients is worth a lot. But at the end of the month, your revenue does not match the time and effort you put into your business.

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(You don't have to follow our courses or work with our methods to be able to join!)

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Are you? 

Never not working! You love your work, but days are long and intensive. 

Are you?

Overwhelmed with all the work that comes with this profession? On your days off you need to do your administration, Social Media, Website, place orders for new products, respond to questions, solve issues etc.

Are you?

Ready to work more efficient, less hours, more revenue? Let's go to the next level in your business! 

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You'll get 


  • Eye openers in business wise thinking. You will see the next level options for your Salon. 
  • 1-1 coaching on how to grow your business
  • Inspiration on all aspects of your business
  • Inspiration on how to calculate your prices
  • You'll be able to create a smoother customer service journey. Get to work with proven successful processes. Efficient and still very personal! Highest service, highest quality!
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You'll get

A personal deep dive into your business: 

  • Knowledge on how to attract your dream clients

  •  How to do amazing upsells

  • Give your clients an amazing customer journey

  • How to market yourself

  • Your branding will be totally you on a high professional level

  • You're able to use marketing skills that saves you time 

  • Personal Growth

  • And you'll meet amazing likeminded Dreadlock Salon owners from all over the world!
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Bonus for early birds! 

Our newest online course is created by Emilie. In this course she takes you along in Photography, Branding & Marketing. 

Not just a general course but very detailed about Dreadlock work, Dreadlock clients and a Dreadlock business!

It will be very helpful for your business!

If you decide to join our Workation, you'll get free access to this course! (price €849,-)

Only for the quick deciders!


Grow your business to €/$ 100 K revenue! 

Your work is your passion. That's why you like to work hard and it's hard to say no to requests. 
Taking time off is hard for you, your head is always working and full of ideas. Your agenda is mostly full, but when it's not, you're stressed because you need the money.

What if I tell you that there's another way?

A more relaxt way! Where you earn more money in less time. Where you're able to take time off without feeling stressed about money or overwhelmed with the work you need to do before and after your time off.

Let us take you along during this Workation Week! Together with us you'll make a solid plan on how to work towards 100K revenue!


What customers are saying...

Traveling alone the from the United States to the Netherlands, at first it was a little scary. But as the day approached, I just became more and more excited.

The coaching calls beforehand definitely helped a lot because I could see who I was meeting.

The Netherlands is a wonderful place. I feel very safe and peaceful here. And it was absolutely something that I suggest, even if you're intimidated, just do it.

Something specific that I learned this week is branding. Creating my own brand and stick with that, being consistent and also how to market yourself on social media because I'm not really a big social media person. A lot of the detailed tips and tricks that I was taught really have made me more comfortable and more confident in actually getting myself out there.


Minty Moon Studio (USA) 

“This week was fun and business! And that's a great combination! I learned more about branding, social media and really target it to your own business.

My biggest learning of the week is to frame all the inspirational ideas I have because it's a lot! I come up with new ideas every day. But what is going to help me reach my goals? What is going to help me grow my business?

the week was a deep dive into your business on a very personal level, which has been great!


Amy's Dreadhouse (the Netherlands)

"I'm very excited about the days that we spent with each other. You meet like minded people, professional artists from all over the world and you have the feeling that you are not alone. And yeah, that definitely made a big difference for me because most of the time I work alone and then sharing each other's experience and inspiration is so helpful.

The biggest learning of this week was the reflection to myself. In a positive way! By connecting to each other and then get feedback from others and get inspired by this. That's what we all need. We all need each other. And from that point, you can learn and thrive!

If you are ready to invest in yourself, I can definitely recommend this week to you


SaltyDreads Hair Studio (Portugal)

Limited places available!

As I focus on quality instead of mass. There's limited places available during the Workation.

I want to be able to deep dive into your business on a very personal level. With my 20+ years of experience in this profession I know where you stand and how to grow further. I will help you to do this the easy way and not the hard way ;).
Together we can grow your Salon to the next level.

To guarantee this personal approach we have limited spots available.

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About Renate

Working with Dreads is my passion and my life work! After 20+ years in this field it's not just my mission to make this work a recognized profession, but also to be able to make good money with it!

My vision is to create a worldwide network of Professional Dreadlock Stylists which offer the highest quality products and services on the market.

I want to make the world better by working with sustainable brands and work with chemical free products for my clients. In 2019 I've developed my own Renate's Locks of Love. Dreads that are endlessly reusable and of the best quality!

-X- Renate 

No matter how good you are,
You can always be better.

The question is:
Is that a frustration or a challenge?  


Meet Dreadshop  

Learn from the best and experience the highest quality in the market.

- World's largest Dreadlock business!
- 20+ years of experience
- 10+ years Worldwide Market Leader
- #1 Academy for Dreadlock Stylists
- We created the First Worldwide Workation for locticians ever!
- Proven and successful overseas business experience 
- Our network becomes your network!
- Tons of Social proof, just checkout our Google review rating!
- Meet likeminded colleagues and create lifelong business friendships

About Team Dreadshop

Working with team Dreadshop will give you insights on different aspects of your business!

Danielle is a marketing expert and will guide you along in this! Her strength is to create fun in this aspect of your business.

Diane is running Dreadshop's Salon and very experienced in an amazing customer journey. Getting 5 star reviews only says it all!

Emilie is Dreadshop's content creator and very experienced with Social Media as well, growing her account to over 100K followers shows that she knows about this very well ;)

Day 1-3; Workshops!

Let's deep dive into your business! 
Goals, Growth, 100K, Photography, Branding, Marketing, Customer journey, boundaries, efficiency, it will all be there in our workshops!

We will work in small groups, so there's very personal coaching available for you!

Halfway the day we will have lunch together (included) and there will be time to exchange ideas in the group!

Sharing our Salon protocol!

One of the Workshops will be with Diane. She leads Dreadshop Salon and gets 5 star reviews only! 

How is she doing this?
With a planned journey! Efficient and client friendly. There's a work process from beginning till end ;).
She will share our Salon protocol with which she creates the perfect customer journey!

Of course you'll get a copy of this protocol and individual business tips and tricks from us as well!

Day 4; Dreadshop Day!

We will finish off the Workation with Dreadshop Day!
During this day you will be able (if you're a Dreadshop affiliate) to install Synthetic Dreads or do maintenance on Real Dreads.
If you're not an Affiliate you're welcome to see our techniques and to share ideas about this. Of course team Dreadshop will be there to guide you in some hands on training.

We will arrange clients, you do the Salon work and get the payments for this (affiliates only)!

A day full of Dreadheads, positive vibes and amazing to be able to work all together!

You will also be able to sell your unique accessories or handmade Dreads. So make sure to bring those!


1-1 Business Coaching

New! We now have the option for an even more personal deep dive into your business.

You can book our online coaching to continue growing your business with our help. This will stimulate to stick with the plan that you've created during the Workation. We will be there to guide you, help you, answer all your questions and make your road just a lot less bumpier :).

You'll get coaching from the entire Dreadshop team!

The coaching will be online (12 sessions).

Accommodation for (inter)national locticians 

I know all about traveling! So no hassle! Nothing is more important than a good bed, comfortable room, nice view and good food!

That's why I've been doing research for you to find a high standard accommodation.

You will not be the only one traveling from another country, in this hotel you can meetup with each other, have breakfast together and stroll into the city centre of Leiden.

The hotel is located near Central Station, which is a short train ride from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

When you book your stay, I would suggest a comfort room, you can book here: www.wellnesshotelleiden.nl/en/

Looking for cheaper accommodation or willing to share? Contact other locticians that are joining the Workation in our Locks of Love FB Group!


You'll get 

Bonus for early birds

Acces to our newest online course Dreadlock Photography, Branding & Marketing 

2 Group Coaching Calls

guided by Renate
May 15, June 15


4 full days at Dreadshop’s Salon
(located in the Netherlands)
May 23, 24, 26 & 27 2023

Guided by Renate and her team

  • Lunches (let us know your dietary wishes)
  • Dinner May 27
  • Workshops
  • Individual business, marketing and branding sessions
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Payment options