Allround Dreadlock Stylist! 

Learn everything about this profession and become a pro!


Are you? 

An ambitious entrepreneur and do you want to fully professionalize to become an Allround Dreadlock Specialist?

Are you?

Ready to go to the next level in your business?


Sign up for this unique opportunity and become one of our Allround course members!

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You'll get

Access to ALL courses: 

  • Synthetic Dreadlocks Stylist

  •  Real Dreadlock Stylist

  •  Install Synthetic Dreads on yourself

  •  Install partial Synthetic Dreads on yourself

  •  Maintain your own Real Dreads

  •  DIY Accent Set

  •  DIY Hairwrap

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You'll get 

2 Group Coaching Calls 

May 15, June 15 2023 guided by Renate


4 full days at Dreadshop’s Salon
(May 23, 24, 26 and 27 2023)

Guided by Renate and her team

  • Lunches (let us know your dietary wishes)
  • Dinner May 27
  • Workshops
  • Individual business, marketing and branding sessions
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You'll learn

  • To set up your own Salon / Workspace
  • How to care for Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreadlocks
  • How to make perfect Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreadlocks
  • Which materials you need to make beautiful Dreads
  • How to Extend Real Dreads
  • How To Make Ombré Dreads
  • How to create, maintain and lengthen Real Dreads
  • How to install Synthetic Dreads with different techniques
  • How to get both Real Dreads and Synthetic Dreads out
  • All about good photography
  • How to make Social Media work for you
  • How to charge good prices for your work
  • How you can still grow in your company
  • Extra bonuses like mohawk hairstyles and partial dreads

Be a VIP and get hands on training in our Salon!

As a VIP you will receive access to all Dreadshop online courses with which you can expand your own work.

During our workation (May 23, 24, 26 and 27) we will teach you even more tricks of the trade and we can give you tips and tricks about techniques that you may have more trouble with.

Allround Dreadlock Stylist 

After completing this VIP course you will be an Allround Dreadlock Stylist!

You know everything about Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreads.

Together we ensure that you can start running a successful business, whether you start your own Salon or whether you are going to add Synthetic Dreads and Real Dreads to your work.

No experience in the field of Dreads is necessary, we teach you everything and also all the tricks of the trade.

What customers are saying...

I used to wear synthetic dreadlocks while waiting to get my permanent locks, and I loved them.
After I finished my previous dreadlock education and I did a couple of synthetic installs on other people, I quickly realized there was more to the story than to just braid them in. That is when and why I signed up for Dreadshops Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist course.
I wanted to offer the absolute best service to my clients and take my creative work to the next level. And that is indeed what I have done! Dreadshop has taught me a lot of details that makes the biggest difference. It is a very comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to start thinking like a professional dreadlock stylist. It gives you the tools to do the work.
And believe me, it’s a lot of work! But it is so worth it, and the reward? The reward is game changing!


Dread Vibez - Dreadlock Studio (USA) 

“ I would definitely recommend the Synthetic Dreadlock Sylist course with Dreadshop to anyone considering it! Although I was already making dreads before starting the course I would class it as being the best business decision I made so far.

The course was high quality and professional and definitely exceeded all of my expectations, delivering knowledge on making Dreadlocks, installing dreadlocks, and the business side of being a Synthetic Dreadlock Artist.

I signed up to the course because I wanted to perfect my craft but also because I wanted to achieve a more consistent diary of orders. This has already happened and I am usually fully booked 2 months in advance now. I also wanted to learn some techniques I didn't previously feel comfortable in offering, such as ombre dreads, longer extended dreads, and blunt ends. I learned all of this and more!

My main concern before committing to the course was the financial investment and if it was going to be affordable for me. However, I actually exceeded the guarantee of being able to make this investment back within 12 months, and managed to do it even before the end of the course.”


Zoë Luna Dreadlocks (UK)

" So much more than just a technique”
In the process of getting more experienced in making Dreadlock Extensions I already have tried other courses.

But this course of Dreadshop is so much more than learning a technique. It gives a total package of skills on how to build a business as a Dreadlock Extension stylist.

On top of that you can become a part of a worldwide community which supports you and can give you feedback if you need it.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in setting up a business as a professional Dreadlock Extension Stylist.”


SaltyDreads Hair Studio (Portugal)

Limited places available!

As I focus on quality instead of mass. There's limited places available in this course. I work in small groups and only allow limited students per location. Each student will get our full attention and guidance to reach success!

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About Renate

Working with Dreads is my passion and my life work! After 20 years in this field it's time to make this work a recognized profession!

My vision is to create a worldwide network of Professional Dreadlock Stylists which offer the highest quality products and services on the market.

I want to make the world better by working with sustainable brands and work with chemical free products for my clients. In 2019 I've developed my own Renate's Locks of Love. Dreads that are endlessly reusable and of the best quality!

I'm looking forward to learn this to you in my courses!

-X- Renate 

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